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The Narrows (Top-Down Route)

The world-famous Narrows is one of the most fun and rewarding hikes in the world. If you hike the whole Narrows, top to bottom, it’s roughly 17 miles and is a wonderful, overnight, two-day excursion. One of the coolest parts of hiking the whole Narrows for two days is that you get to see the canyon transform into the majestic slot canyons that make The Narrows famous. Spending two whole days in The Narrows is an experience that you’ll never forget. It’s incredible. Remember to consider the weather in your planning. Rain and The Narrows together do not bode well for hikers. Even rain that isn’t falling directly over The Narrows itself can spell danger in the form of flash floods. Be smart.

La Verkin Creek Trail

This is certainly the shortest trail on our list, but that doesn’t exclude it from becoming a two-day overnight Zion backpacking trip. The La Verkin Creek Trail is chock full of amazing sights and scenery. Two days is needed to really see it all properly, in our opinion. This is the trail where the Kolob Arch is located, which you may have heard of; and this is just one of the many beautiful things you’ll see on this trek. If you want to, you can even extend your journey another day and more miles and head toward Willis Creek. Another thing this trail is known for is its camp sights. There are many designated camping spots all along La Verkin Creek that will make your overnighter very enjoyable.


If backpacking is your thing, then Springdale and Zion Canyon should be your place. Come stay at the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens before and after your overnight Zion backpacking trip to make your vacation even better.

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