Catskill Backpacking: Slide Mountain Loop!

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View from atop Wittenberg Mountain – looking down at Ashokan reservoir

At the top of Wittenberg, you will find the best viewpoint out of the three mountains. Be sure to take a moment to soak in the sites around you, including Ashoken Reservoir to the East and a panorama of the Catskill high peaks.

After a short break, we continued on to the 0.8 mile saddle to Cornell Mountain.  This juncture was brief and moderate, save for CORNELL CRACK, which was tremendously fun to climb using all-fours. Check out that epic lighting!

Cornell CRACK on the way to Cornell Mountain’s peak

Soon after this formidable formation, Cornell’s peak is attained.  From here you will have a chance to ogle Slide Mountain’s peak, looming 300 feet higher than Cornell’s peak, and realize that’s what’s next on your docket (yay!).

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