4 Fun and Easy Backpacking Trips in the Wasatch Mountains

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There’s nothing like waking up in a tent in the woods, unzipping the door, and stepping out into crisp mountain air to heat water and brew coffee. And sometimes car camping doesn’t cut it. You want to walk somewhere, get somewhere, and be away from the bustling runaround.

But a drive to southern Utah or the Uintas just isn’t always in the cards. And that’s why mini-backpacking trips in the Wasatch can be a godsend—more than a getaway, a way to really let the good ol’ Wasatch soak in. Let’s face it: We live alongside some gorgeous mountains, and a quick day hike or canyon drive is too fleeting a way to experience them.

Here are a few downright stunning, yet fun and easy backpacking trips in the Wasatch Mountains that come with minimal mileage and maximum refreshment. You can work in the yard Saturday morning and still have enough time to go backpack into the woods before dinner. And Sunday brunch is best cooked up in an alpine meadow.

Do yourself a favor and make a proper backpacking breakfast. Beth Lopez

With a short overnighter, it’s easy to justify carrying a little more weight than you normally would while backpacking—so go ahead and pack nice wine and gourmet fix ins. They’ll make your getaway all the more memorable.

Note that camping in the Cottonwood Canyons comes with a particular set of rules. The quick rundown: Campstoves are preferred over fires, don’t swim in the watershed, leave no trace, and don’t camp within 200 feet of water. There are no water spigots here, so just bring your own water or use a backpacking filter to drink from the delicious snowmelt-filled lakes.backpacking,backpacking,backpacking

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