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There’s a certain moment on any long-distance backpacking trip where everything just seems like it’s in its right place.

The moment can be found wafting up from the aromas of your camp stove at the end of the day, or in the familiar rhythm of your feet touching the ground as you bag long miles, or perhaps in that first eye opening moment in the day as you stretch out in a smelly sleeping bag. It’s the feeling of being in your backpacking rhythm.

It’s hard to achieve this sort of outdoors lifestyle on a single weekend trip; and you’ll just start to scratch the surface with a week-long excursion. The best approach to find yourself thriving in the outdoors is to spend some quality time on a quality long-distance backpacking trail, where you’ll always be surprised as to what you’ll find along the way.


Stretching nearly 500 miles from Durango to Denver, the Colorado Trail sticks to the mountains as it traverses across rugged landscapes. While this sub and high alpine environment is most appealing for those who can take the 4-6 weeks off work to hike the whole thing, the Colorado Trail welcomes day hikers and weekend travelers alike.


Connecting with the cross-country Pacific Crest Trail in Northern California, the Tahoe Rim Trail takes the scenic route around Lake Tahoe. Measuring out to be a 165-mile loop, most hikers who set out to complete the entire span of this water-lined hiking trail plan for roughly two weeks. If you are aiming for a shorter adventure, the Tahoe Rim Trail is easily accessed to do small chunks at a time.

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