My Trust Issues Totally Disappear When A Guy Does These 11 Things

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I don’t ask men to verify and validate every move they make. I don’t try to break passwords or conduct sting operations but I’m also no one’s fool. Over the years, I’ve learned how to separate the players from the serious-relationship contenders. Here’s how a dude assures me that he’s being legit.

1. HE MAKES PLANS FAR IN ADVANCE. A reasonable guy outlines his schedule early. After all, he doesn’t want to miss the chance to see me again because our previous obligations squeezed out our free time. It’s an immediate green flag when he consistently writes me into his life. On the other hand, if his palms start sweating when I ask him to pull up his calendar, that’s a sign of a different kind.

2. HE WANTS ME TO KNOW HIS FRIENDS. Meeting the friends might be even more significant than meeting the family. His mom is probably innocent of his possible romantic juggling acts, whereas his buds have almost certainly heard all about his various exploits and might slip up by calling me the wrong name. So when I’m not allowed to meet the boys, I wonder why. When he’s excited to intro me to his crew, I start to feel pretty secure about the state of things.

3. HE LIKES TO TAKE ME TO HIS REGULAR SPOTS. I don’t want to be the chick who only sees him at certain joints because he’s afraid we might run into one of his other suitors if we visited other establishments. When he shares his favorite hangouts with me, I feel secure knowing that he wants me to be part of his routine, not an outsider he visits only on neutral territory.

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