10 Signs You’re Getting All Up In Your Feelings About Him When It’s Really Not That Serious

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You can’t get this guy out of your head no matter how hard you try to distract yourself with other things. Are you falling in love with him or jumping the gun and getting ahead of yourself? Here are 10 signs that prove you need to chill because it truly isn’t that serious.

1. YOU DIDN’T LIKE HIM RIGHT OFF THE BAT.When you first saw him, you weren’t automatically in love with him. I mean, maybe you thought he was cute, but it wasn’t like you felt compelled to run over to him and strike up a conversation. In fact, it wasn’t until your friends pointed out he was looking at you that you put on the charm. Once he came over and showed some interest, you were sold. So basically, you didn’t like him until he liked you, right?

2. IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN THAT LONG.You’ve only hung out with him what, once? Twice? Have you ever even talked on the phone? NO? Then, how could you seriously be all about him?! Unless you’re some sort of psychic who can look into someone’s eyes and see their life, you don’t know enough about this guy to be thinking about him every second of every day.

3. HE’S NOT EVEN REALLY YOUR TYPE.The more you learn about him (through your brief text conversations and from the stalking you’ve done on social media), the more you’ve realized how different you two are—and not in a good way. He likes to hunt and you’d join PETA if the members weren’t so crazy. Sure, there are some differences that aren’t dealbreakers, but for the most part, you can already kind of tell that in the long-run, the relationship wouldn’t play out in a positive way.

4. YOU JUST LOVE LOVE. If you’re seriously all about a guy you barely know, it might be because you’re one of those romantics who just “loves love” (I say in a Disney princess voice). Maybe you like the idea of marrying a guy you met at a bar so in 50 years, you can tell your kids the story of how he caught your eye from the corner of the room. Life doesn’t work that way. Let it go.

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