Not Wanting To Catch Feelings & 10 Other BS Dating Trends To Avoid At All Costs

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It’s not possible to date these days without wondering WTF is going on. We’ve never behaved worse and we’ve never been more self-aware of that fact. But instead of staying home forever and never meeting anyone, we can get past the horror stories. Here are the modern dating trends that are truly the worst and how to avoid them and find love anyway.

1. NOT GOING ON ACTUAL DATES A huge dating trend is hanging out on the couch with someone instead of grabbing dinner or drinks—and by hanging out on the couch, well, it’s pretty clear what we mean. Since when did it become totally ridiculous to want to get to know someone in a public setting? We should never fall for this. If we insist on going on real dates, we’re bound to meet guys who are just as excited about getting to know us as we are them. It’s pretty simple: we need a few good old-fashioned dates before we even think about getting more intimate with someone.

2. GHOSTING This is probably the worst thing that has happened to modern dating. We don’t tell people that we don’t want to date them or that we don’t think they’re right for us—why would we do that? We’re just going to ignore their text messages and act like they don’t even exist. While it’s not 100 percent possible to never get ghosted because it’s often out of our control, we can avoid this by being honest with the guys that we date. Maybe some of them will respect us enough to offer us the same in return

3. ALL THE WEIRD AF FORMS OF GHOSTING: BENCHING AND BREADCRUMBING Yup, ghosting is so crappy that it comes in many forms. Lucky us. Besides getting ignored, we also get benched (guys keep us on the backburner and then come crawling back) and breadcrumbed (guys like our social media posts and randomly text us, keeping us interested, but refuse to really date us). The best way to avoid this? Walking away at the first sign that something sketchy is going on and refusing to sit around and let guys treat us like this.

4. BEING UNABLE TO EXPRESS OUR FEELINGS Why is it so hard to tell someone that we like them? Many of us think it’s the stupidest idea in the world and we refuse to do it. We should never be cool with dating a guy who can’t even say that he likes spending time with us. If we like a guy, we should tell him, and if he can’t say it back, we have to find someone else.

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