10 Signs You’re His Girlfriend Even If You Haven’t Had “The Talk”

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Don’t believe the haters when they say you can never turn a booty call into a relationship. It may not be the norm, but it can certainly happen. He may not officially ask you to be exclusive, but he’ll show his commitment to you in other ways. Here are some subtle signs there’s nothing casual about your situation and you’re actually his girlfriend:

1. HE’S IN CONSTANT CONTACT.The guy who always blows you off and doesn’t check up on you isn’t serious about you at all. But the guy who’s in constant contact and always reaching out to you already sees you as someone important in his life. If he’s excited about where things are headed with the two of you, he’ll want to text and call you consistently. Usually, a day won’t go by without him reaching out and letting you know you’re on his mind.

2. YOU’RE ALL HIS ON THE WEEKEND.When a guy’s juggling other options, his weekends will be jam-packed with various dates and activities. If the guy you’re seeing is always trying to dominate your time on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s a pretty clear sign that you’re the only one on his radar.

3. SECRETS? WHAT SECRETS?He’ll be open and honest with you because he has nothing to hide. If he’s MIA for a few hours, he’ll gladly offer up an explanation, and if he can’t spend time with you on a certain day, he’ll open up and let you know why he’s busy. The kind of guy that doesn’t keep secrets will answer his phone in front of you. Most importantly, he’ll keep his cell phone face up when the two of you are together.

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