Think You’re On A Date? If These 14 Things Are Happening, Sorry But You’re Not

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Approximately 70% of people have felt confused about whether or not they were on an actual date, according to a State of Dating In America survey. So if you’re sitting with a guy wondering if the fact that he invited you out last minute or offered to pay for the bill classifies as dating, you’re not alone. However, you don’t have to wallow in confusion for much longer. Here are 14 signs it’s definitely NOT a date so you don’t waste more of your time.

1. THE “DATE” ISN’T PLANNED IN ADVANCE.He texted you, “Hey, in the hood. Wanna meet up?” or “Hey, I’m bored AF. Let’s go watch a movie.” A guy who wants to date you is going to make more effort to show you he’s interested. He’ll make plans in advance and act like he really wants to date you, not fill up his lonely Saturday night.

2. HE DOESN’T ASK IF YOU’RE HAVING FUN.A guy who’s on a date with you will want to ensure that the night’s special, so he’s likely to check in with you during the evening to make sure you’re having a great time and your food’s delicious. He’s not just going to ignore the fact that there’s a hair in your wine glass or that you look miserable.

3. HE LOOKS SCRUFFY.If he looks good—he took the time to shower, he’s used product in his hair, and he’s color-coordinated his outfit—it shows that he made an effort. It’s a date! If, on the other hand, if it looks like he rolled out of bed, went for a sweaty workout at the gym, and then didn’t bother to shower or change before meeting you at the club, it’s not a date. And he’s gross.

4. HE’S NOT LAYING ON THE COMPLIMENTS.A guy who’s hoping he’ll be your next booty call might give you compliments, sure, but he’s not going to be giving you real compliments about your personality and intelligence. If he does those things and they seem really sincere, he’s keen on dating you.

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