I’m Not A Gold Digger, But If We’re Dating, You’d Better Have Your Act Together Financially

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I’m not a very materialistic person. I live in a basic apartment, I don’t go shopping very often, I don’t even highlight my hair anymore and I’m certainly not looking for a guy to pay all my bills. That being said, I am looking for a guy who can act like an adult, pay his own bills, and who has his sh*t together financially. I’m not interested in dating a deadbeat.

1. HE CAN’T LIVE WITH HIS PARENTS. I understand that the job market is tough and that life is expensive but if a guy’s in his late 20s or older and still living at home, that’s a red flag for me. He can make it work on his own whether he needs to live with roommates or rent a small apartment that needs to be fixed up. Sure, he’s probably saving money by living at home but to me, that shows that he’s not adult enough to be out on his own in the real world. Bills suck but it’s time to grow up.

2. I EXPECT MY GUY TO PAY ON OUR DATES.Especially when things are still fresh and new. If a guy takes me out on a date, I expect him to pay for whatever it is we’re doing. Call me old-fashioned but it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. Don’t invite me on a date and then expect me to split the bill in half with you. If a guy can’t pay the bill at a fancy restaurant, he should take me somewhere more casual instead. Better yet, he could cook me a nice dinner and save a little money.

3. HE NEEDS TO HAVE A FULL-TIME JOB. I’m not looking for someone who works part-time at a bar, has a dead-end job or jumps around from one job to the next. I want to know that I’m dating someone who can hold down a job and works hard every day. I want to know I’m dating someone who gives a damn about his future and his career. Holding down a full-time job, especially for a long time, shows me that a guy has no problem committing to something and that he’s capable of thinking long term.

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