10 Ways To Know You’ve Outgrown Your Relationship & Need To Leave

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Things started off well—you had tons in common, you loved being together, and you had fantastic chemistry. However, lately things have gone sour and no matter what you do, you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong. Maybe nothing’s wrong—you’ve just outgrown the relationship. Here’s how you know that’s the case:

1. YOU BOTH SEE YOURSELF IN COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLACES.There’s always the possibility that this could work out, but it’s pretty rare. If you see yourself moving to New York to pursue acting and he wants to settle down in Minneapolis, go to grad school, and start a family, you’re clearly on different pages. It’s better to end it now.

2. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER THINGS YOU’D RATHER DO THAN HANG OUT WITH HIM. I’m talking work, taking out the garbage, painting your nails… anything. The thought of seeing him has become something you dread because you’re going to have to give him attention you don’t want to give. He’s become more of a friend to you and you’re afraid because he doesn’t seem to see that yet.

3. TEXTING OR CALLING HIM IS A CHORE. It’s not as hard as hanging out with him but it’s similar. You’re not excited to text him about how your life is going and who said what today. You find yourself doing the bare minimum and keeping him only updated on the basics. This is even worse if he feels the same way and you both just don’t care to talk to each other at all.

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